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    IT POINT, based at Chelmsley Wood Library, brings the benefits of Information Technology to the community; it is creating a vision of the public branch library of the 21st Century.


    In late 1993 Dr Bob McKee, then Director of Solihull Libraries and Arts Department, approached the British Library recommending a project which would provide Public Library Managers.


    IT POINT contains facilities for members of the public to book and pay for the use of one of six PCs to access a range of services that include Internet access; electronic mail accounts; word processing, and etc.

  • Training and Support

    IT POINT offers an introduction to all services offered, lasting between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the service. This is available on request at the time of booking. In addition, staff are available for support.


The overall aim of the project was to set up a public library IT demonstrator project, providing access for the general public to a range of electronic information services and disseminating lessons to other public library authorities.

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How to Play Club Penguin Game

At some point, our team need a break and most of them prefer online game to kill the time. Recently, James, our blog editor is addicted to a child game, Club Penguin so he insist to post his write up here.

Club Penguin is a great online multiplayer game for those who like entertaining and interacting with other players at the same time. It’s internationally popular and is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In this game, you will be involved in a wide range of virtual world activities and make your own items, such as clothes, furniture, and fictional pets also known as ‘puffles’.

Since the game has been initially designed for small children, the developers focused greatly on child safety. The game offers a high level of personal information security by introducing such useful features as swearing filters and safe chats. Finally, the moderators keep an eye on the chat comments to avoid rude or bad language.

Club Penguin Game: Getting Started

club-penguin Getting into the game is really easy. Once you visit the Penguin Game website, you will be able to create your own profile by clicking the icon ‘Create a Penguin’. The registration is simple and requires creating your nick (‘Penguin Name’) and a password. Note that the password has to contain six letters and one number at least. After you’ve filled in the registration form, you will get a confirmation letter on your e-mail with a clickable link to activate your account.

Since the game has been designed for players aged between 6 and 14, it’s quite intuitive so that the beginners can feel comfortable with it right at the start. That’s probably why many prefer to skip the tutorial section offered to players when they log into the Club Penguin game for the first time. However, it’s recommended to spend a couple of minutes for the Penguin guide tour and read through the instructions carefully by hitting the arrows on popping icons. Not only will this provide you with some hints on your game strategies, but will also make the navigation through the menu much easier.

Playing the Game

slick-penguinOnce you start playing, you will get access to the navigation menu which looks like a horizontal bar consisting of four main icons (‘Places’, ‘Games’, ‘Shops’, and ‘Pets’). By clicking the ‘Places’ icon you will get into your current location and check your progress. You can start playing directly from this menu by clicking the game icons on your right, or you can go back to the main screen and hit the main ‘Games’ button.

Now, when you’ve reached one of the multiple mini-games, read through its instructions and start playing. Since you now have the chance to earn points and collect items, you can start personalizing and customizing your penguin, improving your igloos, and adopting up to 75 pets in the ‘Shop’ and ‘Pets’ sections.

The Club Penguin game currency – coins – can be collected in many ways. Normally, you will get prizes when you win a mini-game or you can be granted an additional budget when reaching certain achievements. Users can also get coins through paid memberships. The latter can also grant an unlimited access to fashion combos, endless collectables, more game levels, and so on. Technically, this game is easy to play for kids, but as an adult, you might want to twist your creative brain to play it. No need to be shy if you need to follow a tutorial, when you start with this club penguin walkthrough: mission 1 from this site, you’re good to go for the next missions.

More Fun with Memberships

The memberships are available for periods of one, three, and six months. The monthly price depends on the membership duration and is lower if you buy for a longer period. However, it’s important to remember that prices are subject to change while the payments are recurrent and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled manually.

The membership cards can be instantly ordered through a secure online form. Once the payment is done, the Club Penguin game will e-mail a code to you. The code is not limited to a certain expiry period which means you can use it whenever you like no matter when you have actually purchased it.

First Time Doing SEO? Read This Simple Strategy

Four Benefits Of Using Your Own Personal Blog Network For SEO

For first time SEOer, you may be confused with what you need to do to rank your site. Where to start and how to do it? The simple answer is to test it by yourself. Focus on on-page SEO and strong strategy for off-page SEO and you’ll be golden.

Even though it is true that search engines use various factors to rank websites, the major ranking factor is still the quantity and quality of backlinks. In the past, public blog networks were ideal for ranking especially high competition keywords. However, the search engines discovered this and started to penalize both the websites using these links as well as the blog networks. This is the main reason behind the rise in popularity of private blog networks.

An SEO expert from who offer PBN setup service says, “A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a private network that means only the owners know the websites in the network.” In agreement with this quote, there are several benefits associated with acquiring or building a private blog network. The following are some ways in which PBNs help in SEO.

  1. Total Control Over back links

One of the major benefits associated with having your own PBN is that you get to control everything on the network. You can direct the back links to new or existing websites meaning that you can use them to rank all kinds of websites. You also get total control over anchor text and can even alter it.

In addition, if you design your PBN properly, the websites in the network will also rank well in the search engines and attract traffic. You can send this traffic to your money sites. Overall, PBNs are great for providing complete control over the quality and quantity of backlinks.


  1. Less Risky

It is good to remember that any sort of link building is against the Webmaster Guidelines that search engines including Bing, Google, and Yahoo have issued. One of the greatest disadvantages of public blog networks is that anyone can buy links from them meaning therefore that there is lack of quality control.

For example, a network of websites that link to your website can carry back links to other questionable websites thus leading to a reduction in the power of those links. In the end, such links do not retain their power. In addition, the search engines can easily discover them meaning that the links that you buy from the public blog networks are more riskier compared to the websites in a PBN since only you the owner knows about these websites.

  1. Cheaper In The Long Run

When starting out, PBNs will cost you a significant amount, particularly in buying PBN domains. However, the total costs will be much cheaper in the end especially when compared to buying links on a public blog network. Today, you can use various tools to find and buy expired domains that you can use to build your PBN or use PBN domain service like

Even though you will need to invest in hosting, content, and other links to maintain your PBN, the cost will be negligible when compared to the benefits associated with such a network. On the other hand, a public blog network offers no quality control and exists only to sell links.

In the end, you can use the money that you save to invest in other equally important aspects of SEO such as quality content.

  1. Almost Immediate Rankings

One of the key benefits associated with a PBN is that it corresponds to almost immediate rankings. Immediate, here does not refer to a day or two since search engines take longer to rank websites. Immediate here refers to the fact that your money site will begin to rank for your chosen keywords much faster.



This article has been a discussion about the four major SEO benefits that acquiring or building a private blog networks brings you. If you have been struggling to rank your website even after you have invested a significant amount of good content, it is a good idea to invest in a private blog network. A properly designed and managed PBN will help rank a website with good on-page SEO and useful content within a relatively short time.

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